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9000 Hours Electric Cleaning UV Sterilization (YLC-200)

Basic Info

Model No.:  YLC-200

Product Description

Model NO.: YLC-200 Application: Industry Disinfection Method: Ultraviolet Lifespan of UV Lamp: 9000-12000 Hours Flow Rate: 8 Ton/Hour System Working Pressure Resistance: (0.6 MPa)6kg/Cm2 Brand of Ballast: Beasun Specification: CE, SGS, ISO HS Code: 8421219990 Certification: BV, ISO9001, SGS, CE Voltage: 110V/220V/380V Bactericidal Efficienc: 98% Kill Total Coliforms Interface Type: Flange or Thread Alert System for Lamp: One Set Raw Water Supplying: Running Water Trademark: YLD Origin: Jiangyin, Jiangsu 9000 Hours Electric Cleaning UV Sterilization (YLC-200)

UV sterilization Fields of application
Reclaimed water recycling
Devices for secondary water supply of the living community
Disinfection of the treated municipal sewer
Disinfection of water for aquiculture and processing
Disinfection of purified water for shellfish species
Disinfection of water in aquaria and water tanks
Disinfection of tap water, purified water and mineral water
Disinfection of water for the food and beverage industries_
Disinfection of water for such water recreational facilities as swimming poor, etc. Disinfection of drinking water for residential, office and restaurant buildings, etc. Disinfection of bacteria-free water for pharmacy, cosmetics and other such manufacturing industries
Disinfection of water for hospitals Water for military bases, ships and vessels and submarine vessels as well as field activities
Disinfection of water for agricultural irrigation
Disinfection of water for municipal landscapes
Disinfection of water for the Water Treatment System of central air conditioning in commercial buildings
Disinfection of cooling water for various large power stations
Disinfection of drinking water for commercial planes and large passenger planes Disinfection of water for large poultry and livestock farms
Disinfection of water for small domestic drinking machine
Greenhouse seedling culture Aquaculture
Water for municipal landscapes
Disinfection of water for hospitals
Food and beverage

Principle for UV sterilization
All forms of life known on the earth exist on the basis of DNA and RNA for reproduction and existence. DNA and RNA are both composed of 4 kinds of chemical substance units.
G--Guanine (the basic component for the nucleic acid)
In time of cell reproduction, the long chains inside DNA are opened when Unit A in each chain will look for and connect with Unit T. Each long chain can reproduce an identical chain to the chain freshly split, restore the complete DNA before splitting and serve as the foundation for the new-borne cells. However, the ultraviolet at a wave length of 240-270nm is able to break the capacity of DNA to produced protein and reproduction. Once the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses are damaged, their capacity to produce protein and reproduction are both lost. As the bacteria and viruses usually have a very short life cycle, those will soon perish that cannot reproduce.
The effective of UV sterilization is often expressed in killing ratio, e.g., 99.9%. Namely, 99.9% of the original bacteria have been killed and only 0.1% exists, or, 1/1 000 has survived. As 1000 is the 3 in 103 or in log, it is habitually to express the killing ratio with 310g. The killing ratio of ultraviolet depends on two factors: 1, ultraviolet intensity (I); and 2, irradiation time (T).
Advantages of Modern UV C Disinfection)
The UV C Disinfection Technology has been widely accepted by the world for its superior effect in disinfection on cell viruses and other Factors to be Considered Liquid chlorine disinfection Chlorine dioxide disinfection Ozone disinfection LW disinfection pathogenic agents. UVC water disinfection technology has the following obvious advantages.
High-efficiency sterilization
Sterilization of cell viruses with UV C is generally within one second. In comparison, the traditional UV and Cl and Ozone Methods takes 20 min to one hour to match the effect of UVC.
No secondary pollution
As the UV-c Technology can be controlled within the scope of killing the bacteria or viruses only and it is unnecessary to add any chemicals, it Operation complexity Simple to middle grade Simple to middle grade will not cause the secondary pollution to the water body and the surround environment. Meanwhile, it will not change any component of the water.
It makes continuous mass sterilization possible.
The modern UV-C disinfection equipment can work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Except for the general maintenance within the fixed time, the optimum operation condition is the 24-hour continuous operation.
Operation and maintenance is simple and easy and of low cost.
With the improvement of UV-C core technology, the UV-C disinfection technology is not only the means of the highest disinfection rate of all the disinfection methods but also the simplest and easiest in operation and maintenance and of the lowest cost, reaching RMB 0.004 Yuan/T of water. Therefore, cost performance ratio is the highest of all the disinfection technologies. It has the high efficiency advantage superior to other sterilization technologies but also is the lowest in cost and expenses for operation and maintenance.
Safe and Reliable Operation
In terms of the traditional sterilization technology, like the methods of using the chloride or ozone, the disinfectant itself is highly toxic, flammable and explosive. Application of these substances causes latent threat to the site operators, the surrounding environment and the nearby residents. The modern ultraviolet disinfection system, however, does not bear such potential risks.
model Processing capacity (Ton/Hour) power (W)  inlet and outlet
working pressure (Kg/cm 2 ) malfunction alert for UV lamp reactor dimension (cm) L×W×H dimension of panel(cm) anchor bolt  (cm) overall weight (Kg)
YLCn-005 0.3 16 1/2" 6 matched 30×6×11     5
YLCn-008 1 25 1/2" 6 matched 47×6.3×11     10
YLCn-050 2 40 1" 6 matched 100×9×20 Φ8.9×25
69×4×Φ1 25
YLCn-150 6 80 1+1/4" 6 matched 100×11×23 69×4×Φ1 30
YLCn-200 8 120 1+1/2" 6 matched 100×15.9×30 Φ8.9×45
69×7×Φ1 35
YLCn-300 12 160 2" 6 matched 100×15.9×32 69×7×Φ1 40
YLC-050 2 40 DN25/1" 6 matched 100×8.9×30 25×30×12
60×4×Φ1 45
YLC-150 6 80 DN32/1 1/4 " 6 matched 100×10.8×30 60×4×Φ1 50
YLC-200 8 120 DN40/1 1/2 " 6 matched 100×15.9×40 60×7×Φ1 60
YLC-300 12 160 DN50/2" 6 matched 100×15.9×40 60×7×Φ1 70
YLC-360 15 200 DN65/2 1/2" 6 matched 100×15.9×40 50×78×25
60×7×Φ1 120
YLC-500 20 240 DN65/2 1/2" 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 130
YLC-600 25 280 DN80/3" 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 140
YLC-700 30 320 DN100/4" 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 150
YLC-1000 40 360 DN100/4" 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 160
YLC-1200 50 400 DN125/5" 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 180
YLC-1500 60 420 DN150/6" 6 matched 170×27.3×57 120×16×Φ1.4 210
YLC-2000 80 560 DN150/6" 6 matched 170×27.3×57 120×16×Φ1.4 220
YLC-2500 100 700 DN150/6" 6 matched 170×27.3×57 60×128×30
120×16×Φ1.4 275
YLC-3000 125 840 DN150/6" 6 matched 173×27.3×57 120×16×Φ1.4 300
YLC-4000 150 1120 DN200/8" 6 matched 173×32.5×65 120×20×Φ1.6 325
YLC-5000 200 1400 DN200/8" 6 matched 173×37.7×72 120×22×Φ1.6 350
YLC-7000 300 2100 DN250/10" 6 matched 175×42.6×80 120×24×Φ2.0 400
YLC-10K 400 2520 DN250/10" 6 matched 176×52.9×95 60×150×40
120×28×Φ2.2 475
YLC-15K 600 3080 DN300/12" 6 matched 176×78×110 120×32×Φ2.4 600
YLC-20K 800 3920 DN350/14" 6 matched confirmed  confirmed confirmed confirmed
YLC-25K 1000 4760 DN350/14" 6 matched confirmed confirmed confirmed

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